Prime Porcelain 30X60 9531

Prime Porcelain 30X60 9531

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Brand name : PRIME – Pho Yen, 
Trademark: PRIME DIGIT
Technology: Ceramic, Surface: matt
Weight: 24kg/box , Packaging: 1 box of 8 tablets = 1.44 m2
Size:30x60 cm, Tile body: porcelain
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Sets Point Prime 30x60

Prime is currently a popular brick brand used in constructions. Prime products are always popular in design and can be used for both interior and exterior, bringing high efficiency in highlighting and creating accents in space.

Product advantages:

With elegant and bright colors, it enhances the luxury beauty of the house space. Besides, the product has many other outstanding advantages such as:

  • The surface is coated with a layer of enamel to prevent water absorption, high waterproof
  • Easy to clean the house, easy to clean
  • Diverse patterns, vivid textures highlight your living space
  • High hardness and good impact resistance


Prime 30x60 is widely applied in spaces mainly family apartments in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

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