French style flat roof Secoin tile SE46

French style flat roof Secoin tile SE46

  • Manufacturer: secoin

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Brand name : SECOIN, Trademark: SECOIN
Technology: Dry painted tiles, 
Surface: Matt
Weight: 4kg, Packaging: 9 - 11 tablets/ m2

Size: 34.5x40.6 cm, 
Tile type: French flat

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(028) 6260 2830

1) Details of Secoin Tile - French Flat SE46

Ong Vàng | Ngói Secoin Phẳng pháp SE-46 Product code   SE46
Size   345 x 406 mm
Color  Ink Blue
Unit   tablets
Type   French Flat 
Weight   (4+-0.2) kg
Trademark   SECOIN
French flat Secoin tile with ink blue color makes the roof always feel comfortable.

2) Brief about color tile brand Secoin

Secoin French flat color tile is a line of tiles manufactured on the most modern and synchronous line in the world in Japan with wet pressing technology, ensuring a variety of colors to give customers many choices for their homes. mine.

With more than 30 years of experience in brick and tile research, Secoin has acquired many large factories across 3 regions of the country. Secoin products are present in more than 60 countries around the world. Bring home more than 100 awards at home and abroad.

3) Outline of the salient features of the product

  • Thin, 20% lighter than ordinary tile.
  • Bending strength increased by 30%.
  • Water absorption is 10 times lower.
  • High-grade nano coating helps to block UV rays, anti-radiation, reduce heat, waterproof, moss, enhance gloss and hardness for tile surface.
  • Scientific structure with 2 vertical and horizontal water spill resistance.
  • Unique pattern on tile surface, anti-slip
  • The most diverse designs on the market

* Note:

  • The picture you are viewing is 80% similar to the real thing due to photography technology and light.
  • The above price does not include Shipping and Promotion.

* Golden Bee commits:

  • The French flat Secoin tile SE-46 that Golden Bee sells is a genuine product.
  • Refund if found counterfeit goods, imitation goods and goods of poor quality.
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