S2 01 two-color tile

S2 01 two-color tile

  • SKU: S2 01
  • Manufacturer: secoin

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Brand : SECOIN, Brand : SETERRA
Technology: Dry painted tile, Surface : Glossy
Weight: 4kg, Package : 9 - 11 pcs/m²
Size : 34.5x42.2 cm, Tile type: Two colors
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Seterra color tile is a cement tile manufactured with modern advanced wet pressing technology from Japan, which offers products with outstanding features compared to other roofing materials such as: more durable - lighter, low water absorption. more than 10 times…
Seterra's color tile currently has 5 main tile lines including: small wave cut corner tile, middle wave cut corner tile, French flat tile, imitation stone tile and two-color tile. In addition,  Seterra Color Tiles  also have a full range of accessories from roof tiles, roof tiles, fourth tiles ... and other accessories such as light tiles, tile screws, paint tiles...

Preeminent features of Secoin color tile:

  1. 20% thinner and lighter than conventional tiles on the market
  2. High-grade nano coating
  3. Bending strength increased by 30%
  4. On the tile market, currently Seterra colored tiles have a variety of designs.
  5. The tile is structurally resistant to vertical and horizontal rainwater spills.
  6. On the surface of the tile has a unique pattern to help prevent slipping when there is repair on the roof. 
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